• INFECTION: Damages bone and adjacent teeth, inflammation that causes pain and discomfort when chewing.
  • CYST FORMATION: Usually detected during routine x-rays. Damages bone and can affect adjacent teeth.
  • DAMAGE TO ADJACENT TOOTH: Due to the position of the wisdom teeth, they can cause damage to the 2nd molars. If damage has occurred, the 2nd molars may need to be extracted as well.
  • PARTIALLY THROUGH GUMS: Causes discomfort, difficult to keep clean and when cavities do form they are very difficult to fix. 

Being an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr. Johnson has expertise and substantially more training and experience than a general dentist removing impacted wisdom teeth. Dr. Johnson has trained other doctors and oral surgery residents to remove wisdom teeth throughout his career as a previous Residency Program Director and Faculty Member (Advanced Education in General Dentistry United States Air Force). 

Most patients prefer to be asleep, and Dr. Johnson provides IV sedation in his office to ensure you or your family member remain comfortable and pain-free throughout this relatively short in-office procedure.

When wisdom teeth do not erupt properly, it puts you at risk for sinus issues, damage to adjacent teeth, and cavities on your 2nd molars. Getting this addressed sooner, rather than later, helps increase the chances of avoiding the many potential complications that wisdom teeth (3rd Molars, also known as Teeth #1, 16, 17, 32) are known for. 

What makes Johnson Oral Surgery Knoxville unique and different from other places that offer wisdom tooth surgery?

The office is an Ambulatory Surgery Facility and there is only one Doctor:

  • The safety and standards are similar to an outpatient hospital setting, including being able to provide general anesthesia in the office with a 2 provider model.
  • Dr. Johnson puts patient safety and comfort at the absolute top of his priorities.
  • 2 provider model allows Dr. Johnson to focus on the surgery while a Certified Nurse Anesthetist focuses on providing a smooth, comfortable sedation experience.
  • Registered Nurses on staff to recover you and monitor you throughout your procedure all the way out to your car.
  • Dr. Johnson is trained to provide your IV sedation because he has a General Anesthesia license, just like an Anesthesiologist, but he prefers to utilize the team model, just like a hospital, because ultimately your experience and safety are what Johnson Oral Surgery Knoxville was built for. 

Don’t wait until your wisdom teeth are painful or pushing on your other teeth. It is often best to remove the wisdom teeth while they are still developing and the roots are short. This makes the surgery shorter, and the recovery faster.

Crowding is always a concern, especially when patients have been in active orthodontic treatment. Having your wisdom teeth out early ensures they do not contribute to crowding in the future. Crowding is multifactorial, but wisdom teeth rarely have room to fit in the mouth and they become much harder to manage and treat later in life. 

Dr. Johnson utilizes all the latest trends and advances in the field. He will offer you platelet-rich fibrin to place in the socket following surgery. This has been shown to reduce pain and discomfort following this procedure and naturally accelerates wound healing.  It takes your body’s natural healing factors and concentrates them in the area where you need to heal.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Johnson and come see what makes our office so unique. We make it easy from the first phone call to being fully recovered.  

What to expect after you schedule a consultation:

1. You will receive a simple link to complete all the paperwork in advance on your phone, tablet, or computer (saving time and convenience when you arrive.) 

2. If you have insurance, you can take a picture with your phone and this uploads instantly into our in-office record system. (We will start working on your insurance benefits so we can have this information for you on the day of the consultation).

3. During the examination, if indicated, additional x-rays (sometimes a CT scan) will be obtained to evaluate the wisdom teeth. Having a full-size CT scanner allows Dr. Johnson to see all the important anatomy and diagnose beyond a plain 2D image (Panorex). 

4. Complete medical review, pre-anesthesia evaluation/discussion, and clinical exam of the mouth and jaws. You are given the opportunity to view a comprehensive video discussing the risks, benefits, alternatives, and potential complications associated with this procedure. Dr. Johnson will go over specific findings unique to your case and also review all of these variables. 

5. A patient-specific treatment plan will be created, with the estimated cost in writing for you to review. We will review the consent forms for the treatment and anesthesia. If you desire, we will schedule your future surgery at a date and time that works with your schedule. 

You will leave with all your questions addressed and feel confident in the pros/cons of any treatment discussed. Dr. Johnson will take the time necessary to review everything with you and your family. Dr. Johnson built this practice so he could spend as much time as necessary to educate patients, and get to know you. 

After surgery, prescriptions are sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice. You will receive verbal, written, and a video link going over all the post-op instructions in great detail. We pride ourselves in the entire experience. Thank you for considering Johnson Oral Surgery Knoxville.